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Action, adventure, and erotica

Name: TheTrojanDress
Format: email (via Yahoogroups)
Genre: Pirates of the Caribbean, historical, drama, romance
Contact: Beth ( or YIM star_momma
Minimum Age Requirement: 18
Deadline: none; always happy to have new people

Specific Requirements: A writing sample is required before your membership can be approved (details will be sent to you on applying for membership). Be aware that adult content will happen in the form of both sensuality (het and slash) and violence. We are looking for active, adult players.

Taken Established Chars: Annamaria, Jack Sparrow, Will Turner

Needed Chars: more guys (straight or bi, preferably); more pirates to serve under Sendhil, Jack, Annora or Melanie (pre-made chars available); more antagonists (be they East India employees or others)

Game Description: Adventure, romance, and fun on the high seas! This play by email game is set about a month after Curse of the Black Pearl. Jack is free to sail the seas and Will and Elizabeth have gone their separate ways. The world moves ever forward and there are new mysteries around every corner. You can sign on as a swashbuckling pirate, work to take over the world with the East India Trading Company, or have a quiet normal life in Port Royal.

Interpersonal interaction is the norm, but this is a freeform game, and players are welcome to engage in larger, more action-oriented story arcs as well. Arcs which will affect large portions of the list should be approved by the mod first.
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